Refrigerated Van Hire for the Food Retail Industry

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, they way we shop has been turned on its head.

Refrigerated Van Rental

One of the key areas where our lives have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic is how we go about basic tasks while doing our best to remain inside.

Nowhere has this sudden shift been seen more than in the way we buy our food. While thankfully the insanity of panic buying has long since passed us by there is still a massive demand for food retail delivery services up and down the country.

While many may have approached the schemes in order to keep themselves and their families safe, the overwhelming convenience of the service has tempted many to stay, keeping demand at an all time high.

This demand is where we come in, providing temperature controlled van hire to the overstretched retailer delivery fleets.

Food on the shelves in a supermarket ready to be delivered by cool running rental
Mercedes Sprinter 313 outside Rentruck

Since March 2020 we have seen how refrigerated vehicles have become far more important as people’s shopping habits change and this has lead to our fleets being almost continuously deployed with the supermarkets since then!

The core advantage that our service provides however is flexibility. Instead of permanently bloating their fleets, the food retailers we supply have instead opted to choose us as they can hire and return their vans as they see fit.

This process means that by hiring temperature controlled vans retailers can adjust to meet their demands, without having the burden of increased vehicle fleet costs in times of low demand; the worst of both worlds.

Should the demand climb to a higher permanent position, food retailers can also make use of our refrigerated vans for sale.

Used Refrigerated Vans For Sale

As we have already discussed, many believe that the age of online food buying and home deliveries is here to stay, and as such retailers need to make some permanent additions to their fleets. Where Cool Running Rental can help with this is our range of used temperature controlled vans that are up for sale.

As with all fleets we’re constantly refreshing the vehicles available for hire, which means we must make room for them by giving some of our other vans a new home.

This process means that we often have second hand but by no means second rate vehicles up for sale. For a food retailer looking to bolster their fleets this is the perfect solution. They have already been using the vehicle over a period of time, it is a modern and up to date platform, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of a newly converted vehicle.

Greenery in the supermarket

If you feel that you could benefit from hiring a refrigerated vehicle get in touch with us today! Our helpful team will be able to answer any questions you may have, to help find the right vehicle for you. 

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We also have a range of temperature controlled vehicles for sale, browse the fleet by clicking here!

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