Refrigerated Van Hire for the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality industry is changing, and Cool Running Rental is here to support it no matter what.

Since the start of the UK’s Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 those in the hospitality industry have been staring down the barrel of having to make some difficult decisions, whether that be diversifying their business, downsizing or even shutting their doors altogether. Pubs, restaurants, hotels and bars are all desperate to resume their trading and Cool Running Rental are proud to be helping them get back on the move.

Refrigerated vans are the lifeline by which these businesses bring in their stock to provide their customers with delicious meals, or enough drinks for a good night out. Without them, stock would have to be bought fresh and used immediately, curbing the profitability and sustainability of the business.

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With the Coronavirus lockdown now becoming more lax, more and more hospitality venues are beginning to reopen, but limited indoor space combined with the new social distancing rules means that many businesses are struggling to get back to their former income.

This is where we expect to see a rise in temperature controlled vans being hired, as these businesses look to diversify how they trade. With indoor venues becoming more difficult to operate, outdoor venues will naturally become more popular. Socially distanced festivals or markets will likely grow exponentially, and hospitality businesses should be there to take advantage of it. Hiring a smaller temperature controlled van with an electrical standby will allow you to attend these events away from your premises, and provide the service your customers as if you were still indoors.

This can include cold drinks, warm food and even frozen desserts thanks to modern refrigerated vans having independent internal compartments.

Our most popular vehicle by far is the venerable Jiffy van which is perfect for providing a simple yet attractive storefront with little fuss. Its multiple independent storage compartments make keeping stock at the correct temperature incredibly simple, and the well designed storefront gives a natural flow to the customer experience. While this is perfect for small cafes and other outfits, whose stock is premade and simply transported at the correct temperature, larger restaurants and bistros might benefit from buying or renting a different kind of temperature controlled van.

These businesses may instead consider setting up their own outdoor kitchen and using a temperature controlled box van more as a walk in fridge. At the start of a day fresh ingredients can be prepared in house, loaded into the van and driven to these new “outdoor restaurants”, where your chefs can cook them into delicious meals in front of the customers, and enjoy the novelty of outdoor dining. And by hiring a second smaller van, any extra ingredients required throughout the day can be prepared and brought forward to the outdoor venue when needed.

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