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How Much Does A Refrigerated Van Cost?


If you’re new to the process and have never purchased a refrigerated van before, you may be wondering: “how much does a refrigerated van cost?”

Choosing the right freezer van for you can prove to be rather challenging since these types of vans come in all shapes and sizes.

Not only are you preoccupied with finding the right refrigerated van, you are also conscious of pricing. This can all seem a bit overwhelming at first. These are the following points we suggest when buying a refrigerated van.

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New vs used refrigerated vans

So you’ve decided you want to buy a fridge/freezer truck, but you don’t know whether your money is better spent on a new refrigerated van, or a used one. Here’s what we think.

The price of buying new will be higher. Although your decision is weighed on your affordability and what your intentions would be. It also depends entirely on the nature of the business you are trying to buy the vehicle for. That’s why we think it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of both.

Naturally the cost of a new refrigerated van will be higher than that of a used one. Does that mean the deals are better?

In buying a brand new freezer van, you benefit from the full manufacturer’s warranty. This normally covers you up to your first 100,000 miles. You also know that the vehicle you’ve purchased will be in the best condition it will ever be in. 

Buying used gives you that bit of wiggle-room between the vehicle leaving the forecourt and receiving its first services for the value to depreciate enough for the van to be affordable. 

In some cases, with the refrigerated van having been put to the test already with its previous owner. Any potential issues with the vehicle could have already been dealt with within its first few thousand miles. Thus, giving you a horse that’s already been broken in, all you have to do is ride it!

New & used refrigerated van warranties

Let’s touch base on the reality that refrigerated vans will be put to the test in their lifetime. You will expect to see the odd scuff, dent and scrape here and there. Though, what will you do if a problem is much bigger than a simple buff-job?

A warranty ensures that you’re covered for any issues with the van that isn’t your fault.

9/10 times you can expect to be covered by a warranty, if your vehicle is brand new. This also comes at no additional cost.

Depending on what comes first, most manufacturers offer warranties for up to five years, or its first 100,000 miles. Used vehicle warranties will depend on how old the refrigerated van is.

If you are looking to lease a brand new refrigerated van, the warranty will also be included in this agreement. However, what does this mean for the used refrigerated van market?

If a refrigerated van had a warranty that will expire by the time you come to own the vehicle, used dealerships could offer you a warranty for an additional cost. 

The warranty price can vary for each refrigerated van. This is because each used vehicle comes at a different value. 

So if you are spending £10,000-£15,000 on a used refrigerated van, you might expect to pay a warranty upwards of £500+ to cover the first 6-12 months after your initial purchase.

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Am I LEZ/ULEZ compliant with my refrigerated van?

If cost isn’t stressful enough, you now have to worry about whether or not your vehicle is welcome in and around the UK’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). 

With these zones popping up across the UK, it is important that not only are you aware of the specific zones, but you are also prepared for the charges these zones will incur upon your business.

You should expect your vehicle to meet (at the very least) the Euro 6 Standards in order to be considered exempt from any LEZ charges. 

If your refrigerated van doesn’t meet the above requirement, you will expect to pay the charges set within the days of zone-charge operation. This happens to run every day apart from Christmas Day!

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How much should I pay for a used refrigerated van?

This depends entirely on the type of refrigerated van that you require. The brand along with the model and size will all affect the price of the refrigerated van.

As a van rental company we provide refrigerated van hire services nationwide. We also have a range of used refrigerated vans for sale.

If you are looking to buy a second hand refrigerated van, we can offer you prices within the region of £8,200-£12,000+ and all of our vans have come directly from our rental fleet. This means they are fully serviced and maintained by us throughout their lifetime.

Here at Cool Running Rental, we only offer late models that have been fully serviced beforehand, so you can be sure that all of our vehicles are in top mechanical condition.
We have a range of vehicles from the Volkswagen Caddy to the Mercedes-Benz Vito and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, with a van and deal to suit all budgets and requirements.

Our leasing plans can start anywhere from £385pcm+ to £525pcm+ and we make sure to consider flexible short-term and long-term leasing, renting & hiring of all of our vehicles, so that our deals are tailored to meet your needs.

All of our vans are located at our Rochdale depot in Greater Manchester. 

For more information on the range of refrigerated vans and fridge vehicles that we provide, please get in touch with our team today. We can always be on hand to help.

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Should I finance my refrigerated van?

If you are in a position to buy a refrigerated van outright, that’s great news! Finding the right finance plan to spread the cost of your van can be a blessing. This applies to most startups and big fleet companies.

However, if you’re looking to spread the cost of your vehicle and manage your cash flow, you might need to look into financing your van.

If you want a new refrigerated van, you might want to look at our options to lease. Or, if you are looking for a used refrigerated van, but still need to finance the vehicle you can look at buying/finance options available to you.

If there’s one benefit to financing your van, it’s that a business lease on a commercial vehicle classes as a business expense. This means you can offset 100% of your monthly payments against any taxable profits at the end of each year.

Buying outright allows you to offset the cost of a van – but only for the year you bought it. With a lease, you can offset those payments at the end of every tax year for the length of your finance agreement.


So that concludes our discussion on how much you should expect to pay for a refrigerated van. You should be all clued up on how to choose the right refrigerated van for you. Providing you’ve considered the above points and the price is right!

We stock a selection of some of the best models in the refrigeration vehicle industry. Purchasing a new fridge van can be a big investment. This is why you can trust that you’re in the right place with CRR.

Are you ready to take the step in your journey? check out our range of temperature-controlled vehicles and get in touch with a member of our team today!

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