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How refrigerated van rental demand changes seasonally

The demand for refrigerated vans can vary throughout the year due to the season. Many of the industries we provide for tend to be busier during certain periods, so some months can be quieter than others. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the reasoning behind this and what this may mean for your business.

What demand is there for refrigerated vans in summer?

During summer, there is an incredibly high demand for refrigeration vehicles due to many industries’ need for keeping produce cool in the warmer climate. The main sector that is in desperate need of refrigerated vehicles is the food and drink industry, and this is because they can sell a vast majority of their stock during the summer season, particularly due to the increase in outdoor events such as festivals

Their products need to be kept at cool temperatures for long periods of time, and this is what the majority of people struggle with. So, a refrigerated van is a perfect solution for this problem as the vehicles have numerous applications to solve an ordinary cooling issue. Each van is unique and has different settings to accommodate the owner, at Cool Running Rental we have a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from. Ranging from new to old, and used to brand new. 

Food retailers, catering suppliers and the wider hospitality industry need refrigeration vehicles to transport their goods due to the increase in demand. The ability to transport their perishable goods over long distances has helped these businesses to provide a nationwide service and has in turn made them reliant on temperature-controlled vehicles, particularly in the summer months.

The hospitality industry has suffered since the pandemic, and refrigerated vans were the lifeline by which businesses brought in stock for their customers. Since then, the demand for temperature-controlled vehicles has increased, with more companies looking to diversify how they trade. 

Parked refrigerated vehicle

Does the demand change once summer ends?

As the summer season comes to an end, it may be thought that there is no longer a sudden demand for refrigerated vans. However, these vehicles play a crucial role in keeping perishable goods at a constant temperature, irrespective of the temperature outdoors. Sectors such as catering and pharmaceuticals require this ability all year round.

Going into autumn and the winter months, there is arguably more business arriving due to the festive period and high demand for seasonal food. This spike in demand may see more businesses venturing in to catering festive events, and as such they will require the use of a refrigerated van to transport their goods, or even a Jiffy Van to cater the event itself.

Many refrigerated vans are capable of heating, too. This is particularly important for food preparation at these types of events where hot food such as soup, pies and stew are required to stay hot. On the other hand, fresh or raw meat may be stored in a separate cooled compartment to keep it at an adequate temperature ready for cooking or serving.

When winter ends and spring arrives, the demand for refrigerated vehicles increases exponentially with the whole country getting ready for the warm weather. Many social events begin to get going amongst other food and drink gatherings, therefore the need for these items increases hugely. 

At Cool Running Rental, our wide range of vans means that there is always the perfect solution to a supplier’s needs. If you need a large, high payload box van transporting supplies for an event, or a smaller urban van top-up deliveries, then one of our fleet will be ideal for you. All of our large vans can be set up with separate internal storage compartments that can be set to cold or warm temperatures. 

Refrigerated Truck

We’re available nationwide 365 days of the year

Cool Running Rental offers a nationwide service 365 days a year. We have evolved and adapted to the requirements of our vast range of clientele, catering for customers requiring vans capable of refrigerating and heating. This diversity allows us to service customers not only within the food chain but also within catering, hospitality and the pharmaceutical industry. 

All vehicles are equipped with overnight electrical standby and transcend temperature readers, and the vast majority have the capability to split into dual compartments capable of two separate temperatures. The refrigeration units have been subject to a comprehensive repair and maintenance package since the day they went on the road, and in the unlikely event of a refrigeration unit malfunction, an engineer is at the end of the phone line 24/7, 365 days a year.

We pride ourselves on the service that we offer to our customers. Our friendly team are here to help you select the best-sized van for the job, as well as offer our comprehensive insurance policies and breakdown assistance. When hiring a vehicle from us, you can be sure that you are in safe hands – and should there be a problem, we are well equipped to help you with our 24-hour helpline.


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