Refrigerated Van Hire for the Mobile Catering Industry

Temperature controlled vans for mobile catering have been growing in popularity in recent years, and at Cool Running Rental we’re more than equipped to provide them.

The mobile catering industry has seen a boom in the last two decades thanks in combination to the popularity of festivals and the ease of access to mobile storefronts.

Small businesses of many kinds have previously been put off from maintaining a stall at large events due to the costs of hiring a plot and then running a temporary but fully functional storefront.

On top of the simple running costs of a stall, there is also potential to lose money through stock not being kept at optimum temperatures and if unsold, being wasted.

This is where Cool Running Rental can help to make the difference. While we can’t lower the cost of a pitch at large festivals and events we can simplify almost every other aspect of running a pop-up stall. One of our favourite vans in the fleet is the key to this: the Jiffy Van.

a hamburger being sold from a food truck

The Jiffy Van is a compact van packed full of useful features. Housing multiple storage areas, each of which can be held at independent temperatures, a self service style storefront and secure cashbox the Jiffy Van is a self contained roll-up stall.

Our users also find that not only do their setup times and costs decrease, but temperature controlled vans also make their stock last longer. There are many vendors whose goods require storing at certain temperatures if they are to be kept longer than a few hours. Without the help of a temperature controlled van these products are often discarded at the  end of a the day making a multiple day event very costly.

By using a temperature controlled vehicle like the Jiffy Van, or a smaller traditional van like the VW Caddy, vendors can simply lock their goods away inside and rely on the electrical standby function to keep their goods fresh overnight increasing their profitability.

Our most popular van by far is the venerable Jiffy van which is perfect for butchers, sandwich bars, hot dogs and a wide array of other foods. If this is too small for your needs however you could benefit from using a larger wheelbase van like the VW Caddy or even a Mercedes Sprinter. 

These larger vans are perfect for those opening a large stall who need a walk in fridge to keep their stock in good condition. For these companies fairs, festivals and other events are propbaly a regular occurance, and so for these people buying their own van second hand might be a more viable solution to regular rentals.

Luckily for them we have a selection of vehicles available for sale from our rental fleet which could provide these buisnesses with long term savings. You can view the Vans for Sale paage to find out more.

If you feel that you could benefit from hiring a refrigerated vehicle get in touch with us today! Our helpful team will be able to answer any questions you may have, to help find the right vehicle for you. 

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