Refrigerated Van Hire for the Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the most important industries supplied by Cool Running Rental is the Pharmaceutical trade, or more specifically, its transport.

In times of increased strain on the NHS refrigerated transport becomes one of the key links in an effective supply chain. Pharmaceutical couriers often use hired vehicles as a cost effective way to transport vital vaccines and other medicines from one location to another all the while maintaining the integrity of their precious cargo.

At Cool Running Rental we have been involved with this specialist role for many years, and have now diversified a large protion of our fleet in order to accomodate the growing need for hired Pharmaceutical vehicles. Our growing fleet of these specialist vehicles have all been professionally converted to be able to transport medicines and vaccines over long distances by maintaining a stable enviroment throughout their journey. They achieve this with active cooling units, and electrical standby backup units for when the vehicle is switched off. Our vehicles  also have seperate compartments to ensure that no contamination occurs between specimens, and that the cargo can be properly organised to increase efficiency.

Pharmaceutical mercedes sprinter
MWB Mercedes Sprinter VW Crafter Pharmaceutical vans interior

Our fleet are all maintained to the highest standards, and are regularly updated with the latest technologies to ensure that this key service is carried out as well as can be. With our vehicles, you don’t have to make these expensive investments yourself, and can instead work on flexible hire agreements to ensure that you are only paying for the vehicle as you need it. Our bespoke and flexible quotes can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and our nationwide service means we can provide you with the most competitive pricing no matter your area of operations.

We fully believe that better logistics is one of the key factors to better healthcare, and are proud to have serviced this industry so well for so long. With the UK COVID 19 outbreak of 2020 we believe that this service will only become more and more important as the medicines used to treat it, and a vaccine used to fight it becomes available. We will endevour to provide all the support we can to the industry that will be key to keeping our nation healthy.

Our most popular van by far is our specially converted Mercedes Sprinter. This verastile van has the storage capacity to transport large amounts of key supplies from location to location, often without the nessecity for specialised licenses. This flexibility also extends to the nature of the rental agreement.

As illnesses are seasonal, so is the requirement for the medicines to deal with them. Our pharmaceutical vehicle trade adapts with the seasons as more or less vans are required. This is why many companies choose to hire a vehicle instead of buying it outright, we invest in the vehicle throughout the year so that you don’t have to.

If you feel that you could benefit from hiring a refrigerated vehicle get in touch with us today! Our helpful team will be able to answer any questions you may have, to help find the right vehicle for you. 

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