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Keeping your van secure over the Christmas period

Now that Christmas has arrived, the festivities have well and truly begun. Everyone starts to finish work for the year and is in good spirits, but it doesn’t mean you forget your responsibilities. Due to this time of year, we naturally forget to tick off tasks which we would usually do, but this can have a big impact in serious circumstances.

Van theft statistics typically rise around this time of year, so it’s important to be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe. Today, we shall give you our tips for securing your van over the Christmas period.

Buying the right lock

The first thing you must do when securing your van is purchase the correct lock. A lock is a classic yet strong protection to prevent your van or refrigerated vehicle from being stolen. It’s all well and good simply locking the van with a pair of keys, but thieves have ways around this, so it’s important you buy extra locks to give you peace of mind. 

There are three different locks you can buy, all of which do the job. Firstly, slamlocks lock up instantly when the van door is closed. If your van comes with this, then perfect – but if it does not, you can still buy it for a reasonable price. This is a popular lock as there is no risk of forgetting to lock up or leave it unattended. Arguably, this is the go-to lock for most van drivers as it’s simple and very practical.

The next lock available is the deadlock, which will secure the van doors with a single bolt. It will be difficult for a thief to pick this as there is no spring in the locking system. The only downside to this is you have to make sure you lock the doors every time you leave the vehicle, which can be forgotten easily by some drivers. So, if you decide to purchase this lock, make sure you get into the habit of locking up when you exit the vehicle. 

Finally, a catalytic converter lock is the most interesting one available, as its sole purpose is to prevent the converter from being stolen. Within the catalytic converter, there are precious metals which appeal to thieves, so installing a lock on this can help deter a thief away from stealing it. The only issue with this lock is that it doesn’t stop a thief from breaking into your refrigerated van. We advise you to still purchase this lock as it could come in handy, but still buy one of the previous two locks mentioned above to provide you with extra security.

close up of a padlock Cool Running Rental

Parking in a safe area 

Depending on where you leave your refrigerated van, there is always a chance it could be stolen or vandalised – especially if it’s left unattended in an open area. Parking or storing your vehicle in the correct spot can help deter thieves away, and prevent your van from being stolen throughout the festive season. But, ‘what if I park it somewhere and the vehicle is still vulnerable to thieves?’ I hear you ask, don’t worry – we have you covered.

Install GPS tracking software

Installing a GPS tracking system is a great addition to your van, as should it be stolen, you will be able to track its whereabouts from anywhere in the UK. Purchasing a good quality tracker can prevent thieves from stealing your van as they know it can be traced back to them. By the time you’ve called the police, reported the theft and provided your tracking details, they will be able to track down your van straightaway.

Backup against a wall

When parking your van,  it’s recommended you back it up against a wall if possible, so the side and back doors aren’t accessible. This will prevent a thief from even thinking about robbing your vehicle as there are zero entry points to break in. By parking cleverly, you will give the robber no area to attempt to steal your refrigerated van. This and our previous idea are both simple changes you can make to keep your van secure over the Christmas period. 

GPS tracker Cool Running Rental

Acquiring the right insurance 

Our next tip on our list, which is standard when purchasing a refrigerated vehicle for the first time, or updating it – is acquiring the right insurance. When you’re in the purchasing stage of buying a van, you will be given a set of insurance policies to choose from. This is to protect you and the seller/leaser from damage to the vehicle or in the case it’s stolen. 

If you’re a newbie and you’re not sure what each insurance covers you from, then here is the rundown:



If you purchase private insurance you will be covered from theft in everyday activities such as food shopping and social outings. However, it won’t cover you from using the refrigerated van for business purposes, so just bear this in mind before choosing private insurance. 



The other insurance policy is commercial, and if you use your van for work – this will be the ideal solution for you. It will provide you cover for carrying any tools or equipment for your business, and for haulage. We recommend you choose a commercial insurance policy for your refrigerated van as this will give you the best cover should your van be stolen during the Christmas period or any other time of the year. 


At Cool Running Rental, when you’ve decided which refrigerated van you would like, we will offer our comprehensive insurance policies and breakdown assistance. When hiring a vehicle from us, you can be sure that you are in safe hands – and should there be a problem, we are well-equipped to help you.

We hope you enjoyed reading our latest blog on how to secure your van over the Christmas period. If you have any further questions about our tips, get in touch today to learn more!