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Winter driving tips

It’s the beginning of the new year, and despite Christmas being over, sadly, winter still remains. Throughout the UK, the weather seems to be hit and miss, as we get some lovely sunshine every now and then, but there is always a cold breeze in the air. It sometimes snows too!

This means we have to take great care whilst driving on the roads. So, here are our driving tips to consider whilst travelling in the winter.

Setting off

A great way to kick off our winter tips is setting off, as it’s the beginning of your journey. Before you set off it’s important you check a number of things and plan ahead incase you bump into any blocks along the way. Firsty, before you leave your house every day you must allow extra time for your journey. This is a natural instinct you develop as your driving ability improves over the years, but there is nothing wrong with installing this into your head now – especially if you’re a newbie driver. Throughout the winter, the weather can prove challenging on some days, which is why it’s important to check the forecast the night before so you know what you’re in for on the roads. You could face obstacles such as ice or heavy rain, and it’s vital you allow extra time for these scenarios. 

Also, whilst it’s important to leave plenty of time for your journey, it’s equally crucial to plan your route effectively. Along your route, you may encounter an obstruction in the road at some point, or if you travel on the motorway you’ll likely face queues of traffic. This is why it’s ideal to have a backup route planned should you potentially face one of the issues we’ve just mentioned. So, similar to allowing more time for your drive, make sure you have planned your backup route the night before; and then you will be prepared incase you bump into any road congestion.

Another tip for you to consider before setting off is are you wearing comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes? If you’re the type of driver that fidgets a lot whilst they’re driving this can be a hindrance during the winter, as you won’t get comfy which can impact your awareness. If you’re not wearing shoes with good grip this will be difficult to manage throughout your entire journey too. If before you enter your car the shoes you’re wearing are wet, then the chances are they will be sliding up and down the pedals – which can be very distracting. 

Clear windows of snow/ice

Next on our winter driving tips list is clearing your windows of snow and ice. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your windscreen, mirror and windows clear when it’s snowing and icy. If you don’t, your view of the road will become seriously reduced which can put you and others in danger. So, the immediate solution to this problem is to ensure you remove any leftover ice or snow from your vehicle before you set off. You can do this with an ice scraper; it’s a simple yet effective tool which can easily remove unwanted snow and ice from your windscreen and windows. You can purchase one from the majority of hardware stores or online retailers. They’re available at reasonable prices, so you won’t need to worry about paying over the odds for them.

Another great tactic to clear your windows is to top up your antifreeze frequently. Antifreeze is a key component for your vehicle as it prevents water in the cooling system from freezing during the winter months. It needs constant attention throughout the cold season, so it’s important you keep on top of it to prevent the worse from happening. Overall, clearing your vehicle of snow and ice is an easy task to complete, but one which is overlooked by a number of drivers – don’t let this be you!

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Make sure the car is visible

Without question, driving in torrid weather is very difficult to drive in as anything could occur on the roads without your influence or control. This is why it’s vital you ensure the visibility of your vehicle at all times to help give you a better view of the road; but also to make other drivers aware of your presence. You can do this by simply making sure your vehicle lights are functioning properly and are clear of any snow. If you don’t do this you will be increasing the chances of a road accident occurring, and if your headlights are not working correctly you may receive a hefty fine. 

So, to avoid unnecessary fines and remove the possibility of causing an accident, use some common sense and do the basic tasks. 


Check your tyres

Our final tip from this list is one which we’ve covered in most of our articles, but it’s arguably the most important – check your tyres! We can’t highlight enough how crucial it is to monitor your tyres on a regular basis, as they will determine if you can travel on the roads or not. They’re even more important to check throughout the winter, as it’s critical that they provide enough grip, traction and braking power should you come across any snow, ice or flooded roads on your journey. 

Monitoring the PSI level of your tyres is essential before driving the vehicle, as this shows if they’re adequately inflated or not. Naturally, you can lose air in your tyres each month, but during the winter months, you can face obstacles that could damage your tyres, and decrease the air within them. If you would like to learn more about how to get your refrigerated van ready for winter then click here to learn more. 

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We hope you enjoyed reading our latest article discussing our key driving tips this Winter! If you’ve found our tips helpful or you believe we’ve missed any – get in touch with us today!